Often asked: How To Plant Cardinal Flowers?

Cardinal flowers grow best in a location with morning sun and afternoon shade, except in cool areas where they need full sun. They need a moist, fertile soil and perform best if you work plenty of organic matter into the soil before planting. Set out new plants in spring, spacing them about a foot apart.

When should I plant cardinal flower?

Plant cardinal flowers in spring or fall, spacing them about a foot apart. Choose a location with morning sun and afternoon shade. If the soil is sandy, add a shovelful of compost for each plant at planting time.

Do cardinal flowers spread?

Cardinal bloom time is around July to September. The blooms rise above the leaves 3 to 4 feet, and the plant will spread 1 to 2 feet. These plants will self sow but division in spring or fall is a better way to ensure you’ll have an abundant supply of red flowers year after year.

Do cardinal flowers need to be staked?

One of these is cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis). Lobelia cardinalis likes part sun and lots of moisture. The flowers grow on stalks that can reach 3′ or higher and often need staking.

Will cardinal flowers bloom the first year?

Since they are perennial, cardinal flower does not bloom the first year, and in 2012, I was so anxious to see what blooms looked like that instead of waiting, I ordered a potted cardinal flower plant from American Meadows.

Do cardinal flowers come back every year?

Allowing your cardinal flowers to reseed themselves is ideal. This ensures that they will continue to come back every year full and beautiful. Dividing your plants every two to three years will also help prolong life and create more plants.

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Can you grow Cardinal Flower in containers?

Place them in a low spot in the yard or border to help keep them moist, and plant them with ferns, hostas, rudbeckias, and asters. Cardinals can also be grown in containers that are set in a tray of water on a patio or deck to bring the beauty of the flowers—and the hummingbirds—up close for enjoyment.

Do cardinal flowers bloom all summer?

Caring for Cardinal Flowers Cardinal flowers begin blooming in early summer and peak in mid- to late summer. Clip out the flower stems when they are done blooming, or leave them in place if you want the plants to self-sow.

Do cardinal flowers attract hummingbirds?

Cardinal Flower (Lobelia Cardinalis) This perennial plant produces vivid cardinal-colored flowers in the summer months. The bright red color of the flowers and the sweet nectar they contain attract hummingbirds in droves.

How long does it take for cardinal flower to grow?

Most sources suggest to winter-sow or Cold Stratify cardinal flower seed for up to 60 days. But I’ve found that without stratification the seeds will germinate within about 3 weeks.

How tall does cardinal flower get?

Cardinal flower produces leafy inflorescences 3-6 feet tall from midsummer to fall. The flowers are a brilliant red. Each erect terminal raceme is covered with numerous five-lobed flowers.

Is the cardinal flower a perennial?

This 1-6 ft. perennial has showy, red flowers in 8 in., terminal spikes. Since most insects find it difficult to navigate the long tubular flowers, Cardinal Flower depends on hummingbirds, which feed on the nectar, for pollination. Its common name alludes to the bright red robes worn by Roman Catholic cardinals.

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Does cardinal flower need cold stratification?

Propagation by seeds: The seeds will germinate without cold stratification, but they need light, so sow the seeds in a flat with a damp fine grade peat light mix. Keep the flats moist and under lights or in a greenhouse. They should green up in a few weeks.

Will Cardinals grow in shade?

Now is an ideal time to plant cardinal flower seed. That first wild plant I saw spelled out the plant’s likes: shade and constantly moist, acidic soil. Cardinal flower will thrive in sun, too, blossoming more profusely, as long as its “feet” stay wet and summer weather is not too hot.

How do you winterize a cardinal flower?

Submerge as much of the plants as possible below the ice line, where they can survive cold winters as long as their crowns don’t freeze. Cardinal flowers will winter best outdoors with about 2 inches of water over their crowns.

What eats the cardinal flower?

Pests/Problems: Cardinal Flower has no major disease or insect issues. Slugs may periodically eat the leaves but prefer hostas and other plants over this one. Mammals, including deer and rabbits, will generally avoid eating it as well.

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